In the Ruins of Amarak

In the Ruins of Amarak is the working title of my current WIP, an adult dark fantasy novel. I plan to share more about the story, world, and characters on this page as I move further along in the process.


When an unknown enemy came to the land from across the Unsailable Sea, the people of Amarak, once the greatest city in existence, wiped them out with a power so great it obliterated all hostile life in a single battle.

Now, history is repeating itself. The land is threatened by the coming of an enemy from across the Unsailable Sea once more, but the knowledge that the people of Amarak once had is long lost, buried within the remains of the city deep inside the jungle.

A weapon has been uncovered from the ruins, and people from all corners of the land are summoned in a desperate attempt to activate it. Amongst those is Arden, who comes to the ruins in an attempt to escape both her past and present, and a hidden agenda to discover more about the man who once lead the people of Amarak to victory.

But when history repeats itself, it truly repeats itself. And stories of past events are known to have been falsely told before.

Character vision board

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