About me

My name is Joy Florentine

I’m a Dutch-Indonesian writer from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Florentine is my pen name, derived from my mother’s maiden name.

My parents raised me with a great element of storytelling. They invented interactive bedtime stories together with me and even recorded some of their own children’s stories. Listening to others stories, brainstorming, and being able to invent and tell my own have been my greatest passion throughout my life. There is nothing I love more.

It is my goal to become a published author of flash fiction, short stories, and novels. On this website you’ll find a variety of stories in different genres, content on my WIPs, and writers’ resources.

Genres you may find are contemporary fiction, (dark) fantasy, magical realism, and mystery, all with adult themes.

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Read my interview on the International Writers’ Collective website.

Logo by Kiki Raven

Logo by Kiki Raven